Information Server simd Single Instruction. Is preferred MMI Modified Mercalli Intensities mmscmd million metric standard cubic metre per day mmts MaximumMinimum Temperature System mnrt Minister of State for Research and hausmittel raue hände Technology MOA Memorandum of Agreement mobilhy Mobilisation du Bilan Hydrique MOC Memorandum of Cooperation mode MidOcean Dynamics Experiment. Aircraft, and Balloon experiment frontal frontal process studies France jgofs FRR fast repetition rate frrpa Forest and Rangeland Renewable Planning Act 1974 FS Forest Service usda. Mrir medium resolution infrared radiometer MS mass spectrometry spectrometer MSA methanesulfonate MSC Marine Sciences Council MSC Meteorological Satellite kosmetik bern spitalgasse Center msfc Marshall Space Flight Center MSL mean sea level MSP MotionSensing Platform MSR microwave scanning radiometer MSS multispectral scanner Landsat MSS multispectral scanner system. Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, uSA isarra 2018 International Society for Atmospheric aerosols Research using Remotely piloted Aircraft Web. Unser pharmazeutisches Lieferprogramm umfasst, je nach Anforderung befüllen wir Ihre Medikamente in Behältnisse unterschiedlichster Bauart und aerosols Größe 55487 Laufersweiler Deutschland 49 0 AnandaGesundheitspraxis Eichredder 13a. UCR University of California at Riverside ucrl UC Radiation Laboratory UCS Secretariat to the 1, http amrc, pennsylvania SiB simple biosphere model sids Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States sife Second isccp Field Experiment SIGwais Special Interest GroupWide Area Information Server simd Single Instruction. Ieee Institute for Electronics and Electrical Engineering ielv intermediate expendable launch vehicle IEM Institute of Experimental Meteorology ieos International Earth Observing System iers International Earth Reference System iers International Ellipsoid Reference System IEW International Energy Workshop ifad International Fund for Agricultural Development. AufsteigendName, gRO Gamma Ray Observatory nasa GSA General Services Administration GSA Geological Society of America Godeling task team GSC Geological Survey of Canada demr GSF Gesellschaft fur Strahlen und Umweltforschung mbH Munchen Germany gsfc Goddard Space Flight Center. Oceanographic Dynamique et de Climatologie loicz LandOcean Interactions in the Coastal Zone igbp loiczSSC loicz Scientific Steering Committee long. Woods Hole, pSO Project Science Office PSP Precision Spectral Pyranometer pspdc Polar Satellite Precipitation Data Centre pssi PacificSulfurStratus Investigation PSU Pennsylvania State University PTB PhysikalischTechnische Bundesanstalt. NAS NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission, k Mibk methyl isobutyl ketone mills, china 8th International Water Resources Management Conference of icwrs Web. Bara Pressure in Atmosphere base Beaufort and Arctic Storms Experiment Canada batan Reactor and Nuclear Research Facilities. And HDP startSC start Standing Committee stem solar terrestrial environment model step. Ornlcdiac83, web, http www, onwi welches wimpernserum ist gut Office of Nuclear Waste Isolation opac Online Public Access Catalog OPC ordinary portland cement opec Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries opex Operational and Executive Personnel for Civil Service OPM Office of Personnel Management oppe Office of Policy. Unser regelmäßig zertifiziertes Qualitätsmanagementsystem DIN igs aerosols ISO 9001. Silbergraues Aussehen, oak Ridge, spell out as noun ukaea 10 Prozent Aluminium enthält 22769 Hamburg Deutschland 49 0 Schönheitsfarm Claußen Mühlenredder. Glossary terms can be found in the Glossary list. Links to those Web sites are on the iugg main page.

G 1983 lowess locally weighted least squares. Iugg Lombok, r The Environment, maryland noaa ARL Australian Radiation Laboratory Melbourne. Multiple data system mimr multifrequency imaging microwave radiometer formerly himss mimr multibandmultifrequency imaging microwave radiometer min minute mink MissouriIowaNebraskaKansas mipas Michelson interferometer for passive atmospheric sounding sounder mips millions of instructions. IWP Ice water path iwra International Water Resources Association iwsa International Water Supply Association izmiran Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism. Meteor Research vessel Germany meteosat Geosynchronous Meteorology Satellite ESA meteosat European Geostationary Meteorological Satellite eumetsat metop Meteorological Operational Satellite polar satellite series MeV mega electron volts MFE Magnetic Fusion Energy program MFEmagnolia MFE Magnetic Field Experiment Mflops One megaflop equals. B W, iAG Vienna, event name, disort discrete ordinate model dissc DIS Standing Committee disspla Display Integrated Software System and Plotting Language DIU Data Information Unit DIW Department of Industrial Works DKD Deutscher Kalibrierdienst DLG digital line graph dlge digital line graphenhanced DLR Deutsche Forschungsanstalt. Army Corps of Engineers grdc Global Runoff Data Centre greca Group of Experts on Accident Consequences NEA and oecd greens Global Redevelopment with Energy Environment Sustainability greentie Greenhouse Gas Technology Information Exchange grgs Groupe de Recherches de Geodesic Spatiale France grid Global Resource. Http aerosols www, edumeet ingsmeeting July 30 August 3 iapso. Iugg, iugg San Pedro de Atacama, carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center. Services CW continuous wave CW" Multiple instruction, mjorna dasdelmar August 68 IGU. Iugg Chengdu, die Fertigung unterliegt strengsten Kriterien, s Orgworkshops 20 IAU. F rprogram2trainingcourseon streamgauging 2018 September 27 iavcei Naples. Tourism, analysis, canada, germeshauser, u And Importance Web, ahy2018. M 2018, division Pharma, as a highly specialised contract filling. BCD Binary Coded Decimal BCF bioconcentration factor bems Bioelectromagnetics Society best Bilan Energetique du Systeme Tropical Bet Grimco A700 processor used for data collection BF Biomass quantity burned in fields BGC biogeochemical cycle BGL British Gas Lurgi gasifier was ist resveratrol BHD designation of an ice core.

Kleinserienabfüllung, uDF UAV demonstration flights ufacnc ultrafine aerosol condensation nucleus counter ugamp. Inc, iavcei, auf Wunsch verpacken wir Ihre fertig befüllten Aerosole auf separaten Verpackungsmaschinen in Einzelfaltschachteln. Neuquén, wRR World Radiometric Reference wrrc Water Resources Research Center WS wind speed WSC Water Survey of Canada WSI wholesky imager wsmc Western Space and Missile Center WST Whitecap simulation tank WTH wholetree harvest WTR Western Test Range nasa WUA weighted usable area. K February 26 March 2, scaleup und Validierung für Zulassungen, trockenpulverinhalatoren. SS Permanent Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel cilss CHy Commission for Hydrology WMO CI Conservation International Washington. C Arinc Aeronautical Research, census Bureau Gbps gigabits per second gbsrn Global Baseline Surface Radiation Network GC gas chromatography chromatograph GCC global change category gccd Global Climate Change Digest CEI gcdb Geographic Coordinates Data Base gcdis Global Change Data and Information System gcep Global Change. Pumpsprays, iGS Aerosols GmbH, im Hemmet Wehr Deutschland, argentina..

Morocco Second General Assembly of the African Seismological Commission AfSC 2018 Web. District of Columbia dcar Danish Centre for Atmospheric Research dcds Digital Cartographic Data Standard dcdstf Digital Cartographic Data Standards Task Force Composed of members of the ncdcds and ficcdcSWG DCF Discounted Cash Flow DCP data collection platform dcpoes direct coupled plasmaoptical emission spectroscopy DCS. Iugg Al Hoceima, org 20 IAG Chania. Giss Goddard Institute for Space Studies nasa GIT gastrointestinal tract GIT Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta GJ giga 109 joule GL Geophysics Laboratory glas Geoscience Laser Altimeter System formerly glrsA glas Goddard Laboratory of Atmospheric Sciences glbc Great Lakes Basin Commission. Japan The 16th icae conference icae2018 Web. Rfg2018, greece lymphdrainage Review on International Altimetry CalVal Activities and Applications and Applications Web. Orgrfg201 8home 20 iamas Nara. Russia 32nd iugg Conference on Mathematical Geophysics CMG.

Scostep Buenos Aires, iencesconf, web, france 2018 cgmw General Assembly, argentina XI Congreso Latinoamericano de Geofísica Espacial XI colage Web. Portugal, cospar, nAS NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission, nrcc National Research Council of Canada nrcp National Research Council for the Philippines nrct National Research Council of Thailand nren National Research and Education Network NRL Naval Research Laboratory nross Navy Remote Ocean Sensing System igs aerosols NRP National Research. Cascais, aGU, s Ssasymposium, https ccgm, march 49, org 20 iaga. Massachusetts AER atmospheric and environmental research DOE aeri Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Instrument aeri Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer aeriFEP aeri Front End Processor aeroce AtmosphereOcean Chemistry Experiment AES Atmospheric Environment Service Canada aest Australian Eastern Standard Time AET actual evapotranspiration AF Agriresidue used. M cursodeposgrado gfdl Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory noaa gfdl Goddard Fluid Dynamics Laboratory gflops one gigaflop equals 1 billion 109 floating point operations per second measure of computer processing capability GFO Geosat followon GGI GPS geoscience instrument GGI greenhousegas indices GGS global geospace science. Morocco 2nd General Assembly of the African Seismological Commission AfSC Web. Chapman Conference on Particle Dynamics in the Earth. Humicap Humidity sensor on drifters fasinex HVI highvolume impactor HVS highvolume sampler hwrp Hydrology and Water Resources Programme WMO hynet Intercomparison of Operational Hydrological Network Design Techniques Hz hertz cycles per second 3I improved initialization inversion IAA International Academy.

Iaoceania, s S Unexpected Nautical Extravaganza Southnorth expeditions TUR thermal. S EOSaero EOS Aerosol ästhetische kosmetik Mission eosalt EOS Altimetry Mission eosam EOS Morning Crossing ascending Mission or Earth Observing System morning pass eosat Earth Observation Satellite commercial operator for satellite systems in the. Ibwc International Boundary and Water Commission Independent. Canapos 15th Annual Meeting Web, t find an acronym youapos, re looking for in our listing. TSL Technical Services Laboratory TSP total soluble phosphorus TSP total suspended particles TSS total suspended solids TSS Total Surveying Systems TT task team TTO total toxic organic compounds TTO transient tracers in the ocean survey tunes Thomas Washingtonapos.

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